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Introduction to MEPCA

The Middle East Paints and Coatings Association (MEPCA) represents the interests of paints and coatings companies in the Middle East and their suppliers.

As the new voice of the industry, MEPCA engages with all industry stakeholders to maximise their connections, share knowledge, improve business conditions, and contribute to the international dialogue.

Established in 2023, MEPCA supports the Middle East paints and coatings companies though advocacy, proactive approaches on legislative and regulatory development on critical issues impacting the industry. MEPCA’s mission is to be an effective advocate, ensuring the growth, continued success and long-term sustainable development of the industry.

MEPCA’s work focuses on paints and coatings spanning all segments, including adhesives and sealants, automotive refinish, coil, architectural/decorative, general industrial and OEM, marine, packaging and containers, powder, transportation, machinery and wood.

Paints and coatings are critical for the Middle East industry, which supplies many end-user markets – such as construction, automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, machinery, paper, wood furniture and general industrial and manufacturing sectors. With manufacturing facilities in the region, the industry supplies most of its products to the domestic markets, supporting economic diversification.


To be the leading association and an effective advocate for all paints and coatings manufacturers throughout the Middle East, ensuring the growth, continued success and long-term sustainable development of the industry.


We promote transparent dialogue with governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholders, ensuring high regulatory standards and the very highest ethical principles.

We champion integrity, and we believe that respect for our members and stakeholders is paramount to achieving our mission.

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members and Visitors,

It’s my honour to address you as the inaugural Chairman of the Middle East Paints and Coatings Association (MEPCA).

Working alongside the founding members and the board of directors, I am delighted to announce the formation of this pioneering organisation with the aim of providing leadership and direction across this growing sector in the Middle East.

Bringing together the expertise and experience of leading regional companies from the industry, our association’s goal is to pool our home-grown skills and insight. We will bring everyone together to talk about regulations, standards, and best practices to support and promote the paints and coatings sector throughout the Middle East – and take it to the next level.

We will work closely with regulators, producers, and industry experts to ensure growth, continued success, and long-term sustainable development of our industry – and become a global leader.

The world faces a range of challenges that are very serious by themselves, and even more worrying in combination. From the pandemic to climate change, economic turbulence and other emerging issues, we will only find solutions if we address them together.

The formation of MEPCA heralds the start of a new era of cooperation among paints and coatings producers, suppliers, government bodies, and other stakeholders in the Middle East.

It is now time to leverage our experience, regional presence, and global connections to ensure a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

Best regards

Abubaker Sheibani
Chairman of MEPCA

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Abubaker Sheibani

Chairman MEPCA
Sheibani Group CEO
Al Takamol International

Martin Rosocha

Vice-Chairman MEPCA
Managing Director Middle East & Africa
Caparol Paints

Jasbir Gill

Treasurer MEPCA
Regional Director Middle East and Africa

Board Members

Joseph Eapen

Associate Vice President
Asian Paints

Franck Derouen

Business Director MEART
Axalta Coating Systems

Mark Rees

Group Vice President and Area Director Hempel

Esben Hersve

Vice President Middle East, India & Africa (MEIA)
Jotun U.A.E. Ltd (LLC)

Samer Sayegh

Managing Director
National Paints

Olga Kolevatova

General Manager Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Russia

Rabih Reaidy

RAR Holding

Juergen Nowak

Global Business Director
Vincentz Network

MEPCA Secretariat

Nuriya Ismagilova

Secretary General

MEPCA Secretariat

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P.O. Box:
Dubai Central One
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

E-Mail: admin@mepca.net