Alliances & Resources

World Coatings Council

For over two decades the World Coatings Council has worked to improve communication and coordinate policy on matters of international concern to the paint and printing inks industry. The council provides a forum for exchange and cooperation on major issues and priorities facing the industry, and has established itself as a global voice for the industry.

MEPCA is proud to be a member of the World Coatings Council.

Quali Middle East

QMEA is committed to provide and promote established quality standards and best practices to obtain a high quality coating on aluminium and aluminium surfaces. QMEA aims to promote the quality labels in the region and to advance the technical interests of its members both nationally and internationally.

MEPCA`s and QMEA`s industry segments have some overlap.

The Coatings Training Institute

Courses offered by The Coatings Training Institute, which is managed by the British Coatings Federation (BCF), provide distance learning: Paint and ink application, manufacture and evaluation of paints, ink technology and formulation, epoxy, acrylic and water reducible resins.

Coatings Technology Information

As the world leader in coatings information and networking, Vincentz Network provides a complete portfolio of products and services for the paints and coatings industry: Magazines, books, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and data bases, covering all aspects of the formulation and production of coatings.